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The following are some of the pieces that I

composed during my time @ the

Hartt School of Music.

Some have samples of live performances

given @ Hartt.

The sound files are both in *.wav & *.rm formats.

For quicker listening, download RealPlayer™

for free

for  *.rm formats - if you do not have it already.


If you have any comments, inquiries, requests, or information

on how to obtain a score, PLEASE just

Contact ME.

Thanx, hope to hear from you  :)




                    WB01504_.gif (804 bytes) Three Mechanisms for Clarinet & Marimba

                            WB01504_.gif (804 bytes) Stille                                               

                                    WB01504_.gif (804 bytes) Insular                               

                                            WB01504_.gif (804 bytes) Push or Pull

                                                    WB01504_.gif (804 bytes) Exiguity

                                                            WB01504_.gif (804 bytes) Maelstrom