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. . . was the FIRST piece I have ever written.  It is scored for Marimba, Xylophone, & Flute.

I was a freshman @ the Hartt School, studying classical guitar; not Composition.

For some reason, I began writing Insular.  It comsumed my attention

for some time.  I found myself sitting in some of my cor-cirriculum classes

composing.  It went pretty quickly, and I enjoyed it very much; enough

to change my major to Composition/Classical Guitar the next year - only to then

drop my guitar degree to have more time to compose the next year!

The performance was the most exciting part of this time for me.  As I said, I was

a freshman, non-composition major that spring, BUT Insular was

accepted to be performed by the Hartt Contemporary Players that Spring.


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(coming soon!!)