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I beleive this poetry to not be as good as it could be. I can hear my Dad now, as he's reading this, telling me not to be self-depreciating and stick up for my own work. While I agree with him (I kinda have to; he's my Dad) I also have to recognize that these works are in progress more so than the other work on this site. I initially began school as a creative writer, and evolved into a visual artist. The drawback to this is that my writing has become less of an emphasis for me, has fallen into disrepair. I'm beginning to get back into it; and the progress is slow but happening. Hence the lack of top-drawer quality. Though I apparently like it enough to include it on the site. It's all contradictory, but works out in the end.

The Poems are thus....



Simple Procedure


Occupation (ode to Charlie)




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