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Simple Procedure

"I needed you to tell me how much you missed me"             this thrown towards my ears                                          one month                                                                      three days                                                                and several hours                                                         after I cut her out, surgically                                    precisely                                                      because I didn't want to                                                        I wanted to hold her close                                                                           soak smell listen devour                                                    I would have been at war.                                                   My heart would have died.                                              She asked for what she  didn't want                        expecting that I would                                                      with a superhuman heart                                                  and weak knees                                           scrape myself along the ground                                 bleeding love held                                                             in hands higher up                                                           out of the dirt.                                                       And space being a fool                                             I gave her what she asked for,                                      failing her test.                      

                                          Removed her artlessly                                              refusing the anesthetic offered                      late at night after drinks                                                    by faces I recognize.                                                          I removed her                                                                  shaking hands cutting innocent tissue                                whose crime was just that of being there                                                in the wrong place                                                       telling the right time                                                                               

to go fuck itself.



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