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I actually don't have a great deal of explanation, at least of the sort that is well thought out. Keep reading, it'll make sense soon. I am a current student of the world, and my art reflects as much. I have begun to realize the length and breadth that a life can encompass, that the interconnected influences we expose ourselves to from day to day are more powerful and personable than we expect. I am beginning to learn of and from myself, to find out what kind of person I am capable of being in construction and design. I understand far too little of the practical side of living; all I know of life was fostered through school, or the stories of the experiences of others. Now that it's my turn, I find the time I need to learn far exceeds expectations.

Not that I know what I was expecting upon entrance in "The Real World", like some representative of my as-of-yet-unchosen career was to meet me at the door of my new apartment and offer me a pamphlet on the qualities and actions necessary to succed in the new life I have chosen. No path here is predetermined; I am in the midst of a search, and artistic work is the map I draw to document the landscape I find.

Unfortunately, I also need to eat, so (as my Dad reminds me) this lacksidasical exploration can only last so long. So if I were asked to explain myself (not that I was; if I remember correctly, I actually offered this) I would say that my work is a collection of thought, of questions I ask and attempt to answer, an attempted physical representation of multiple beginnings. My work is sporadic, varied, in multiple media, following multiple leads in as many directions. What I do is try to follow those leads in a physical and intellectual fashion, and try to express them to others.

Cause that's what artists do.

Note: This explanation actually predates some of the work on this site. I have yet to post the work that this applies to; the only relevant work here now is the B&W work in the photography section. That work is the springboard of my departure. It is the beginning of my play.


stapler_painting600.JPG (475978 bytes)

                                                  Oil Painting, 8x10 in. Spring, 2000