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This work would be called my more commercial, as much as I dislike to use the phrase. I always thought commercial to be a style of photography geared to sell (obviously) and make people look more sexy than they usually do; I've since come to think that it just means an increased degree of accessibility.

So, to the right you'll see my more accessible images.

Dimensions, all: C-Prints, 11x14



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This stuff here is what I'm the most happy with, as far as photography goes. Course, as I'm writing this it occurs to me that you probably are not all that interested; this is my "fine art" work, and I could probably leave it at that and you'd be happy. Unfortunately, I can't do that, for a couple of reasons. One, because the past year has been so full of change and development of a sort I need to reference in a description of the work. The events surrounding the creation are a large part of the inspiration.    Also, I feel I've got a bit of space to fill here.

Anyway, I'm happy with these. As far as I can tell from my fairly limited position (since I still can't tell the future), this work represents the first time I was truly comfortable with the idea of being an "Artist". Before this work, the idea of working on art for a living just scared the bajeepers out of me. Now it just scares my parents. The funky solarized ones on top are my refute against traditional photographic process; my last bit of play with the tried and true of the media before moving on. The self-portraits on the bottom are more a multi-media introspective jaunt, my first. It's a combination of traditional photo and glass work. And me. Which marks the first time I've turned the "lens" my way.

Dimensions, all: Silver prints on fiber paper, 20x24                                      Creation: 4x5 negative contact-printed through fabricated glassworked lens



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These are photographs I've taken that involve people. Well, at least people that are recognizable; I didn't quite do features justice with the work above. I've always liked photographing people, which is probably why I have so few of them involved in this site. Hey, what you gonna do, eh?


Dimensions, all: C-Prints, 20x24


              Homeward bound!!