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Nippy and Bear Photo Gallery:


bearbag.JPG (22971 bytes)

Bear in one of his most famous stunts. Once we came home

from a weekend trip, and the handle of the bag was ripped

off , around his waist. It must have been that way for days!!


turkey-dinner.JPG (22718 bytes)

When Nippy sits like this, I call him

"turkey dinner". I know it's sick, but

I do love him.


bear-colors.JPG (22424 bytes)

This was the day that Bear tried to help me color

costume designs. People don't realize, he is really good.


nip-moth.JPG (13324 bytes)

Trying to catch breakfast one summer morning. They love

all the bugs.


bear-college.JPG (25810 bytes)

In 1996, Bear applied to some great colleges,

but after some inner reflection, decided to

take a year off.


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