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Recently I began my exploration into the world of instruments

unknown to us.  Ideas of fusion.

Having a limited background in acoustics

and woodworking, although a very broad knowledge base

of instruments of the world, I formulated ideas of creating a Victorian-like

changing screen which would double as a gigantic Harp-Lyre.

The idea of a full, 3-panel changing screen, turned into a 2-panel; altering

the true definition. 


Learn more about my Harp-Lyre

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My next project developed into a

new type of bowed psaltery.

In which there are fixed pitches, as traditionally done,

BUT with my construction, the performer

is able to bend the fixed pitches up to

3 semitones.

On my psaltery there are 6 pitches :

G2 A2    E3 G#3    A3 B3

It was first conceived to accompany

my Harp-Lyre, which is does beautifully,

although it has proved to be able to

stand alone.

(More to come including pictures & background history)


More to come including sound files

watch for updates