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Hello! For those of you who don't know me, my name is Karmen.

This page is dedicated to providing my family and friends with an

opportunity to see what I do!!


I am am currently a college student, working on a self-designed major

that I am really excited about. I call it "Performance and Culture",

the combination of anthropological theory with dance and music.

It combines many of my interests, while contributing to the advancement

of social and artistic science. My goal is to eventually be able to

communicate ideas and images from different cultures and groups throughout

the world, including my own, through multi-media performance. I intend to

study abroad in Ireland in the coming year, in hopes that my thesis will reflect

the information I gather there. As you may already be able to tell, I am a bit

obsessesed with Celtic arts and culture, and this visit to Ireland will allow me

to hopefully experience it in its proper context.



Some of my interests include- many types of music:   classical, folk, international,

and anything else that may be honest. I have been studying the harp for a year now,

and am actually starting to develop a repertoire! I have played the piano for many

years, so the transtition wasn't too hard. I am currently working in a performance

company called Velvet Lemons, who recently ventured out on tour to Pittsburgh.

Velvet Lemons works collaboratively in mixed media; dance, voice, sound, visual

art, etc. We try to communicate the abstract passions and pains of life through our

collaborative imagery. This company represents, to me, the proper direction of

modern performance- honest and challenging to the audience-  but hey, I am biased.

Check out my Music and Dance page for photos.