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Introducing, our two pals, Nippy and Bear!!!

Their real names are Gabe and Kasha, but we often try out

new ones... because we are insane.


Nippy is the buff colored kitty, and he tends to be a bit skiddish.

He is famous for his relentless cry that appears around 6:00 am and 5:00 pm,

wishing for a bit o' wet food.  Nippy likes breakfast and dinner, fleece,

having his cheeks rubbed, and licking the footstool in the living room.

Nippy is also the alter-ego of Peter O'Toole, you may have

seen him filling in during the more subdued parts of "Lawerence of Arabia".


Bear, who is the grey shorthair, is double-pawed. He has thumbs!!

This puts him in a position of authority over Mr. Nips, who is half his size.

Bear likes crunchies, cat nip, treats, cheese, the smell of chocolate

and drinking out of the faucet. Sometimes Bear likes to jump high and bounce

off the wall, or scratch the door jamb to wake us up.

He is the alter-ego of Omar Shariff, who currently has a

CD-rom out for all you Bridge players.


And now, the photo gallery.