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I am a free-lance music copyist working with

Coda Music's Finale™, in Southern New England.


My work can be seen in many forms:


Full Orchestral





Part Extraction

Part Creation

Musical Examples


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All printing is performed by a Hewlett Packard 4V

Quality being : 600dpi on 32 pound paper

Possible score formats being : all sizes up to 11" x 17" (custom available)



                           To reach me:   William J. Cooley

                                                                1140 Litchfield Tpke

                                                                New Hartford, Ct.  06057

                                                                (860) 482-5195

                                                                e-mail :


Please Contact Me if you need any work done in the way of copying, presentations, articles or any other engraving you may need.