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Now, just so you know, this page is pretty far from being done. Due to my alarming lack of documentation (I operate on a fairly tight budget) I've still got quite a bit to add to this. Oh yes, there's more, much more......


                                                                                                    ....but this is what I've got.


long necked glass peice.JPG (36022 bytes)Poka-dot glass peice.JPG (29172 bytes)ribbon glass piece.JPG (44092 bytes)

These represent what I have documented of my newest passion. Hot glasswork, in this case blownware, affords the greatest interaction with a material I have ever experienced. When working with metal, wood, or photo I always feel that I could leave it in almost any stage, take a break, and come back later. This is good and bad; it can allow for a great deal of reflection and refinement of the initial concept.

However, it just isn't as romantic as the relationship one evolves with a hot glass piece. You can't leave that stuff unattended, you know?

Yeah, I'm kind of a sucker.

Dimensions: Sizes variable





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