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. . . is the second piece I wrote @ Hartt.  It was supposed to be the second movement

in a three movement work; in which Insular was the first movement.  

The idea was to name the piece Impressions in Threes.

What would happen is that the stage would be set up for 9 players.  

Insular  would be first performed; having three players :

Flute, Marimba, & Xylophone. 

Then those performers would stay on stage,

and three more would comeout to perform Exiguity ;

in which an Oboe, French Horn, and Violoncello would be added. 

Then Lair , would be

performed ; adding Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, and Contrabass. 

        The idea of Impressions in Threes, was unfortunately cut very short,

because SOMEONE

(not mentioning any names) did not finish writing Lair


        Exiguity was first performed by the Hartt Contemporary Players in my first year of Composition. 


                                                                                                          Duration :   4.23'